ECB lowers key
    The Governing Council
    of the European
    the Central Bank…

  • classic book

    Classic Book in
    On a challenge
    from a friend,
    a man in Florida…

  • E. coli

    E. coli, MRSA
    Ever sit on a plane
    and wonder how
    long the germs…

  • bilancia

    Tennant has lost court
    “activated water”
    is no more effective…

  • bandiera turca

    ISSA has named
    the Turkish cleaning
    and services association…

  • mario kasslatter

    Mario Kasslatter
    Mario Kasslatter passed,
    at 77 years old,
    president and founder…


  • italian sounding
  • Occupational health and safety
  • The Birth of the Euro
  • The Importance of Details
  • Italian Sounding

    Design, fashion, taste appear to be the main reasons why the rest of the world prefers Italian products…
  • Occupational health & safety

    By the results of an international survey emerging ideas and projections for the management of two important issues…
  • The Birth of the Euro

    Understanding the situation in which the single currency has placed its member nations today requires a historical-political…
  • The Importance of Details

    Use your attention and learn how to choose ‘tailor-made’ solutions. Sometimes it’s not so easy…



The MICROCLIMATE; essential for a good job. Working in a healthy environment is such an important topic that the legislations of various countries deals with this subject ...

News from the…

Think Green

The responses of ISSA and Ecoform in an evolving industry R egarding to the services or products ‘green’ certificates it’s very difficult for the institutional buyers to differentia...


Companies & Products

Cleansing to measure. Thanks to research company Rubino Chem has been possible to develop a truly innovative project cleansing called Surfaces, dedicated...

Cleaning Italia

Monthly Showcase

  • twist

    The New Grand Angle
    Tifone Ambiente Co.
    is introducing the
    new Cannon with…

  • italsan

    Technology meets
    The hard work has paid off.
    Italsan has created
    a range of the…

  • elite

    A mobile station
    The model Elite 14S-300
    by Spray Team thanks to its
    small sizes…

  • Nettuno

    New soap dispensing
    Nettuno is launching
    their new T-Small
    multifunction dispenser…

  • Excellence

    Is not for sale
    Martignani presents the
    Super Ecology Luxor and
    Compact units for the…

  • scrubber dryers

    Best scrubber-dryers
    Fimor presents
    the greenest…

  • scrubber dryers

    Easy and stylish
    Hygienic Bag dispenser
    the historical product
    and strong point…

  • Motorwheel advanced

    Motorwheel advanced
    The MTR 11 200
    by Amer is the most
    advanced evolution…

  • Food loves Blue

    Food loves Blue
    Centralcarta introduces
    the new born
    of its wide range…

  • Infyniti System

    Infyniti System
    Ar-Co Chimica
    Infyniti System…

  • New Klindex Edge

    New Klindex Edge
    Klindex presents
    the ideal machine…

  • Cleansing to measure

    Cleansing to measure
    Thanks to research
    company Rubino Chem
    has been possible…

  • dispenser for detergent

    A dispenser for detergent
    Dosely is detergent
    dispenser solution
    for impregnation…

  • dispenser

    A new dispenser
    The exclusive dispenser
    of the Value
    The Evolution Bar…

  • ride-on sweeper

    A ride-on sweeper
    Isal presented
    at the fair Pulire
    Verona 2.0…

  • ride-on sweeper

    New anti-scratch
    Eudorex promotes
    the new abrasive
    sponge Evo Sponge…

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